The Creevey Kids

These three kiddos…. I mean….. come on! Their little personalities shined throughout this session. I LOVED working with them!

Hello, 2016!

Busy season is finally winding down, and I am so aware of how terrible I have been at keeping up with my blog! Guess that’s what resolutions are for…. : )

I’ve decided just to post one big fat blog post of some of my favorite images from the past few months. Let me take this time to say I am so blessed and thankful for my job, but more importantly, my clients! Thank you for letting me capture these sweet, sweet moments for your family and I hope to be able to give you countless more in the future. I love you all!


The Sanders Family

I always love when clients invite me into their home to capture them in their element! I LOVED the outcome of this shoot. I mean, look at this child! She is a natural : )

Zaddik Woods

Loved this little cutie’s session, and I look forward to capturing more memories for the Woods family in the future… ❤

The Smith Family

How cute is the Smith Family? So glad I got to capture some sweet moments for this family…. : )

Haley from November 2013

I love collaborating with someone with a passion for fashion. Haley and I have worked together multiple times and I have to say, I think we make a good team! This is a shoot we did back in November at the beautiful Connemara Nature Preserve in Plano, TX.